The Lioness Team

keisha Faulkner

Founder & CEO of The Holistic Lioness



Passionate, Visionary Feminista | Christ Believer | Mentor |  Health + Wellness Advocate

My truths. I have Type A tendencies. I am horrible with returning phone calls. I'm not a morning person, at all.

A lover of [family, friends & food], music, cooking, shih-tzu doggies, reading, physical fitness, cycling, golfing, hiking, meditation and community involvement [both nationally and globally]! 

Keisha is a New Jersey native and earned her undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Florida A&M University. She is a medical device sales professional by day and aspiring social entrepreneur by night. Keisha is a firm believer and advocate for providing health and wellness resources for under-served ethnic communities. 

“Wellness and self-care should not be considered a luxury, it should be a priority for anyone seeking a fuller, healthier and happier lifestyle.” - Keisha Faulkner



Aylin McGinnis

Creative Advisor of The Holistic Lioness

Turkish/African-American | Raised in Germany | Visual Creator | Lover of the Outdoors and Unknown

My truths. I am an introvert with a touch of bluntness. I'm an overthinking worrier. Sometimes I find myself doing 30 second meditations in the bathroom. I really like learning - if I could be a professional student I would. I use to bang on Keisha's door in college to wake her up for class in the morning. 

A lover of any cultural food, sunflowers, Earl Grey tea, Crossfit [new], reading, pretty visual designs, and traveling [29 countries down].

Aylin was raised in Germany as a child of the Army. She graduated from Florida A&M University with her undergraduate degree in Accounting and Florida State University with her graduate degree in Business Administration (MBA). She speaks three languages and uses them all in one sentence at times. She is a visual creator who has a thing for making clean user designs. By trade she is a financial consultant/accountant. She is an advocate for people tapping into their
creative passions.

Angelica Roberts

Editor-In-Chief of The Holistic Lioness

Believer | Sister | Creator | Marketing Rep. by Trade | Writer by Choice



My truths. I can be moody sometimes; in fact, when I was 10-years-old my mother gifted me with a mood ring because she said it reminded her of me. I’m scared of dogs, except for my GodDog, Gucci (he’s a shih-tzu). I have a big heart, and love to see others smile. 

A lover of Family+friends, books, R&B music, bubble baths, orchids, the color purple (the actual color), pop culture, writing and community service.

As a graduate of Florida A&M University’s School of Journalism and Graphic Communication, Angelica is a native of Mississippi, but was raised in Maryland. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism, Angelica enjoys writing fictional content and is working to become an accomplished author. She strongly believes in the power of books and has partnered with non-profit organizations to help increase literacy in low-income communities. When she is not writing, Angelica works as a Marketing Representative for a medical center in Houston, TX. Her role allows her to successfully connect with people of all backgrounds.