About Us

The Holistic Lioness & Co. is a catalyst for health and wellness information, resources and community engagement for millennial women of color.

Our MissioN

To enhance life-balance in the areas of mental, physical, and spiritual health and wellness for the millennial woman of color.


The Millennial

"The Millennial" defined as a generation of people born sometime between 1980s and early 2000s. Millennials are "unique" to say the least. Creative, technology-savvy, open minded, collaborative and solution seekers. 


 The Lioness "Queen of the Jungle" is stunning, regal, powerful, intuitive, strong, ambitious and nurturing. Not only is she a beautiful creature, she is a leader, independent, and works equally beside her mate to provide for her family. 

The Holistic Balance




Mental Health Awareness

Counseling and Therapy 

Stress Management

Love, Relationships & Family

Postpartum Depression

Financial and Eductional Empowerment



Diet and Detox Planning

Healthy Eating

Healthy Hair

Health Disparities Awareness

Physical Fitness

Fitness Alternatives


Prayer & Fasting


Grief Counseling

Religious Outreach

Daily Devotional

Community Engagement



THE facts

  • Baby Boomers and Generation X are more likely to define the word "healthy" as "not sick," whereas millennials define "healthy" in terms of a holistic approach- using phrases like "eating right" and "exercising." [Goldman Sachs Report]


  • African American and Hispanic Americans used mental health services at about one-half the rate of Caucasian Americans in the past year and Asian Americans at about one-third the rate. {2010 National Healthcare Disparities Report]


  • "The rates of mental health problems are higher than average for Black women because of psychological factors that result directly from their experience as Black Americans. These experiences include racism, cultural alienation, violence and sexual exploitation." [Black Women’s Health.com]


  • "The prevalence of depression in Latino women is higher (46%) than Latino men (19.6%)" [National Alliance of Mental Health]


  • "Many African-American women do not seek treatment because it is viewed as a weakness and not a mental health problem. Only 12% of African American women seek help and/or treatment" [National Alliance of Mental Health]


  • "African Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Latino Americans have been impacted greatly by hypertension and diabetes due to chronic stress resulting from discrimination" [Williams & Neighbors, 2001; Kaholokula et al, 2010; McClure et al, 2010]